Desirée Noferini (April 3rd 1987, Bagno a Ripoli – Florence), is an Italian actress.

She grows up on Florentine hills surrounded by nature as the second of three sisters.

Her mother Luigina, teaches her the happiness for simple, genuine things, and the primitive love for the fruits of the earth.

On the other hand, from her father, Stefano, she learns the art of dedicating herself to her work with tireless dedication and passion.

Desirée is a cheerful little girl, but her enthusiasm and her joy to live do not exclude timidity and introversion. Undeterred by her reserved character and young age, Desirée, at the age of six, is faced with cameras as the small protagonist of various commercials.

Although strange, the spotlights do not intimidate her, rather, they make her feel comfortable, encouraging her to transform her shyness into extroversion and love for the scene.

At the age of thirteen she starts working as a model, however, she feels like this is not enough.

Curious, dynamic and inventive, she dedicates herself to various sports, from tree-climbing to tennis, from volleyball to horse riding and skydiving.

It is in 2008 when she attends a casting with the then-emerging director Matteo Rovere, for his first film “UN GIOCO DA RAGAZZE” (A GAME FOR GIRLS).

Thats how fate brings her, very young, to debut on the big screen with the decisive and cheeky character, Michela Ricasoli.

This film gives Desirée the opportunity to better define her professional goals and to give life to her deepest desires, intimately linked to the world of art. She gets from acting what fashion failed to give her: the art of emotion towards which she decides to orient her life from that moment onwards.

As a result, she decides to devote herself completely to the study and construction of her career.

Subsequently, she is accepted at the Cinematographic Experimental Center in Rome and, although the path to a solid career is long and tortuous, Desirée’s achievements are rapid and numerous, and the actress is forced to leave the prestigious film school to dedicate herself to her work.

Accordingly, the year 2008 marks the beginning of her first television appearances: her character Betty in “DON MATTEO” and the young Amina, the female star of the episode “Couscous alla Bolognese” in “L’ISPETTORE COLIANDRO” (INSPECTOR COLIANDRO).

2010 saw the return of the Desirée to cinemas with two feature films: “NON C’E’ TEMPO PER GLI EROI” (NO TIME FOR THE HEROES) directed by Andrea Mugnaini and “VENTI SIGARETTE” (20 CIGARETTES) directed by Aureliano Amedei.

In the same year she also appears in TV with Giorgio Capitani’s “IL RESTAURATORE” (THE RESTORER) and debuts at Mediaset in “SQUADRA ANTIMAFIA 3” (ANTIMAFIA SQUAD 3) with director Beniamino Catena.

In 2011 it is the turn of “LA VITA CHE CORRE” (THE LIFE THAT RUNS), directed by Fabrizio Costa, and “UN AMORE E UNA VENDETTA” (LOVE AND REVENGE), directed by Raffaele Martes.  The latter is a TV series where we see her depicted as a young Algerian woman with a harsh past characterised by war and mutilation: in the role of Kadisha she is side by side with Alessandro Preziosi.

From 2012 to 2014 she is involved in various tv series, including:

“CASA E BOTTEGA” (HOME AND SHOP),  directed by Luca Ribuoli,

“I CESARONI” (THE CESARONIS), directed by Francesco Pavolini,

“ANNA E YUSEF” (ANNA AND YUSEF) directed by Cinzia TH Torrini, and

“IL SOLE NEGLI OCCHI” (BLINDED BY THE SUNLIGHT), directed by Pupi Avati, alongside Laura Morante.

Moreover, the year 2013 gives her the privilege of playing the female protagonist in Francesco Calogero’s film “SECONDA PRIMAVERA” (SECOND SPRING), where the young girl will have to face an unforeseen event that will distrupt her life.

Between 2016 and 2017 she is one of the protagonists of the mediaset tv series

“SACRIFICIO D’AMORE” (LOVE SACRIFICE) directed by Daniele Carnacina; she then plays Fabrizio Bentivoglio’s girlfriend in “IL COMMISSARIO MONTALBANO” (INSPECTOR MONTALBANO) directed by Alberto Sironi, and plays the role of Eva in the movie “UNA VITA SPERICOLATA” (A DAREDEVIL LIFE) by Marco Ponti.

Once the filming of the movie terminates, she spends some time in London to perfect her English.

Over the next few months, she will be involved as protagonist in the production of an important American movie that will mark her debut on the international stage.

In pursuit of self-improvement and with the intention to perfect her techniques, from 2012 until today she trains at the Acting Lab Studio Alessandro Prete – Permanent Laboratory, of which she is also a member.